3 Tips for More Hairstyle Confidence in 2023

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By Shelly M.

Updated June 22, 2023

Today is tutorial day of our Themed Advertising campaign! The topic is confidence, and how to get – and show – it. Confidence is a must-have for bold-edgy hairstyles.

Hairnastics is all about confidence in bold, edgy hairstyles. It is important, however, to differentiate between just having a great-looking hairstyle, and having a bold, edgy hairstyle – that is, a hairstyle worn with confidence. In this guide, we’ll first outline what we define as a bold, edgy hairstyle, and then we’ll describe how to sport one with the confidence needed to be memorable for having impactful style.

Bold, Edgy – As Defined by Hairnastics

It shouldn’t be a surprise that there is no such thing as a dedicated subset of hairstyles that are bold and edgy, and a subset of hairstyles that are not. The boldness and edginess of a hairstyle actually comes from the attitude of the person wearing it! Practically speaking, this boils down to 3 things:

1. The hairstyle owner loves their own hairstyle.

That’s right. Be it a complicated set of curls or a simple pony tail, the owner knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and they’ve chosen to define their own standard.

2. The hairstyle owner was intentional about picking out their hairstyle.

That is, thought was given to their hairstyle. It’s not a style that will “just have to do.” The owner has chosen this hairstyle in no uncertain terms.

3. The hairstyle owner not only loves their own hairstyle and intentionally chose it, but still chooses to wear it, regardless of what others may think!

The ability to thrive with individualized style can be daunting. It takes the will to keep sporting a great hairstyle while taking in admiring looks and fending off the notorious side eye. It takes the ability to stand alone as one who really cares about their fashion, even when it may be an afterthought for others.

Having Confidence in Your Hairstyle

The definition of “confidence,” according to the Oxford Online Dictionary, is “a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.” That’s right – appreciation precedes confidence. It may make sense to go so far as to say it is having an appreciation for what makes you unique.

The pressure to conform to beauty standards prevalent in society is great. Therefore, the first hurdle to be overcome is one’s own mindset. Opposition to your hair fashion choices may not be “all in your head” – they can in fact be very real. However, how you choose to respond may be a product of your mindset. Here are some questions to ask yourself before caving to fashion norms to appease critics:

1. Does my desired hairstyle violate a written set of expectations for how I should present myself in this setting?

2. Is my hairstyle tasteful (does it avoid denigrating others)? With the ability to literally shave a message into your hair, this question goes back to the idea of avoiding defamatory or biased material.

3. Are criticisms actually envy or jealousy carefully disguised? Believe it or not, making the brave move to be yourself may actually remind others of how much they are missing out on by trying to appease beauty and fashion norms.

4. Are criticisms due to just plain ignorance? We as people may find ourselves criticizing things we know nothing about. Its important to understand when such criticism is taking place. 

Once you have answered these questions, then you must ask another set of questions:

a. How do I view myself (i.e., do I generally have a positive view of myself and creative abilities, or a negative view)?

b. Do I see myself as a creative person with something to share?

c. Do I see my ideas as worthy only when others approve of me?

d. If I do want to listen to my critics, what qualifications do they have to speak? Are they fashionable, or just trying to make sure no one violates their fashion norms?

e. Am I willing to ignore my creative ability to appease critics? If so, will I be happy living a lifetime without sharing the fruits I’ve been blessed with?

Our answers to these questions may vary, but the last question is one that needs special consideration. Occasionally camping out in the innovation-starved grounds of normal style (if that is even a thing) is OK. However, a lifetime of self-neglect is prison, and caving in here and there to appease critics can become a lifetime of muting one’s God-given personality. Who has time for that?

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