Hair is nature’s clothing.

Early in life, Shelly struggled to understand the importance of embracing one’s God-given beauty, particularly when it came to hair. The messages she received from the world around her were that her hair was too this or too that, and definitely not great hair to have or be proud of – at least not without a perm, or a wig to cover it up. This led to years of being ashamed of even the slightest of bad hair days, where bad hair days were defined as not having a way to conceal the true nature of her hair. No perm – no promotion; no wig – no clients. In a world of professionalism and reservation, she often felt dismissed before even entering the room – on account of her hair. It became apparent to Shelly that confidence and comfort in one’s own skin go hand-in-hand. She found that she was at her fashionable best when she was able to express her artistic personality through her hairstyles. As one who loved both comfort and style, this meant she needed to embrace her own natural hair and exploit, rather than try to hide, its beauty. She has been on a journey to do this ever since she had this realization. Shelly founded Hairnastics as a forum where hair enthusiasts, those who enjoy bold, edgy hairstyles, and moreover, those who have marginalized hair experiences can gather and converse about common hair interests. Here at Hairnastics, our goal is to bring relevant information on how to care for your hair to one place. We hope you enjoy this site. Feel free to drop us a line anytime.