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Mondays – Healthy Recipe Sharing

What better way to promote great hair than with the food that fuels it? If you love cooking, or are a foodie, and have a recipe that you’d like to share with the community, sign up to post with us! It can be as simple as you directing us to your website, or we can repost it on our socials. If you are the creator of the recipe, we’ll list you as the author. Otherwise, we’ll attribute the recipe to whoever the original author was.
Tuesdays – Articles (a.k.a. Short Blog Posts)

Tuesdays are reserved for short blog posts < 200 words about a hair-related topic of interest or product. Tutorial videos may also be substituted in lieu of text. You may write your own post for us to put up, or you may send us a blurb describing your product or service that we will write a short post around.

Articles require 1 week lead time. With each post, please provide the author’s name, company (if applicable), and title as you would like for them to appear on the post. Note: If you are authoring your own post, then the 200 word limit may be relaxed.
Wednesdays – Let’s Get Down to Business!

Do you have a hair-related product or service that you offer, and would like for us to post about it?  Similarly, do you have any innovative hair designs you’d like to showcase? Feel free to send us a post about it! Usually, these are square Instagram or Facebook posts with good graphics. Videos are accepted as well. Please be sure to send us your Instagram handle or Facebook page to direct viewers to!
Thursdays – Tutorial Thursdays

Do you have a hairstyle tutorial video that you would like to share with the community? Recycled content is welcome!
Fridays – Inspiration Fridays

What keeps you going? Want to share with the community? Written text or link to videos welcomed!

Want more eyes on your hair-related blog, product, or service?

Submit up to two posts per week while there are available slots on our calendar. The cost of a single post is $15.00, but your first post with us is free.

Who Do We Share Your Posts With?

We primarily share your posts with our audiences on

  1. Instagram
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  4. Occasionally through paid ads.


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  2. You are – and always will be – the owner of your own content!

So What Do You Say?

Check out the detailed descriptions of current themes for each day of the work week below and sign up here.

Note: Check below for Eligibility and Terms. All ads must abide by the Hairnastics Community Standards.

Eligibility and Terms:

You must be at least 18 years of age to sign up for this service. By signing up for our service, you are agreeing to the Hairnastics Community Standards, and you agree that you own the intellectual property to all elements of your post, or have the right to include these elements in your ad. You also agree to exclude any profanity from your ad. Note that we do not specifically endorse any products, and we reserve the right to deny any ads that we feel violate our identity as a site. Furthermore, we will not post about any products containing controlled substances, hemp, or weed products. We also reserve the right to delete your ad from our page at any time and without prior warning. All posts must be about hair care. Do not proceed further if you do not agree with all of these terms.



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