Three Ways to Protect Your Creativity from Danger

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By Shelly M.

May 19, 2023

Today’s Friday inspiration of the themed advertising campaign has to do with your unique talents, capabilities, and gifts. Chances are, if you are reading this blog, something about uniqueness, personal style, and being yourself resonates with you. We are focused primarily on bold, edgy hairstyles here, but the desire to remain authentic extends into many areas of artistry – painting, drawing, writing, singing, even into the more technology-focused endeavors such as engineering.

Imagine your creativity, gift, or talent to be a flower “seed.” In order to go from seed to flower, it requires several things:

  1. Sunlight
  2. Water
  3. Good soil
Photo by Yaowaluck Promdee via Pexels.

For the purpose of this article, sunlight represents exposure. Are you giving your talent the airtime it needs (i.e., are you using it from time to time and maybe even sharing it with others), or are you pretending that it doesn’t exist? When it has been exposed, it can receive the encouragement and praise it needs to continue growing, as well as the constructive feedback it needs to make corrections.

Water represents the practice of using your talent, creativity, or gift. Even for the most “naturally” talented of us, practice makes perfect. Do you regularly exercise your talent and look for ways to improve? Remember, the beautiful flower is what your talent is supposed to become, but, despite its potential, it will need nurturing to get there.

Good soil represents the environment you choose to “bring your talent, creativity, or gift up in.” With constant hate, envy, or discord, it will be hard to focus on the positive attributes of your talent. Doubt may creep in. You may even consider throwing in the towel. However, it is up to you to determine the atmosphere in which you want to “raise” your talent and who the audience should be.

Therefore, for all of our fellow creators out there – in whatever line of work you find yourself – we say create wisely, don’t give up on your dreams, and of course – protect your seeds!

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