Hair as an Art Form

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By Shelly M.

May 9, 2023

Hairnastics exists to promote bold and edgy (e.g. “high-fashion”) hairstyles. We don’t want for these hairstyles to exist only on the runway, but we want to incorporate those hairstyles into our daily lives. Chances are, if bold and edgy hairstyles resonate with you, you are someone who either enjoys changing your hairstyle up periodically, or you’ve adopted a “long-term” bold and edgy hairstyle that is just… you, and you have no intention of changing it.

Its this willingness to develop a personal sense of style and stick to it that makes you somewhat of an artist when it comes to your hair. Your hair tells a story about the artist underneath it.

In my own creative journey, I have changed my hairstyle many times, and I’ve aimed to stick with bold and edgy hairstyles over the years. I’ve worked with so many different “media” – extensions, wigs, and the like – it all depends on the look I’m going for in that season. One thing, however, is for sure – I have a preferred set of hairstyles that I gravitate toward. I often get compliments because it never looks as though I don’t have a strategy for my hairstyles. I’ve had many years to hone in on my style and stick to it.

The hairstyles I gravitate toward are a reflection of my personal tastes. As someone who tries to bring personal flair into many areas of my life (from non-fashion-related projects down to the clothes I wear), my hair is just the latest pallet. In environments where I can’t necessarily have either a loud outfit or certain haircuts without ruffling too many feathers, I look for ways to still exhibit my personal sense of style, while dancing within the boundaries set forth by the “rules” (which are often unspoken anyway).

Can’t necessarily have too big of hair? I will adapt a natural hairstyle that showcases that I have course, textured hair, and I’ll style it in a way that showcases just enough puffiness without being too big. My hair’s texture is an enduring trait that I manage artfully – but I do not seek to get rid of.

I also try to pair eye-catching hairstyles with outfits typical of the environment I am in (especially if high-fashion hair is an afterthought). That way, I get my personalized hairstyle, while playing within the rules of the environment. Its in these moments that I find that others will compliment me the most – because I’ve found a way to express myself through wardrobe or hairstyle without making it all about myself. Dancing this line is another form of artistry.

In what ways are you showing up in the world around you? Are you bringing a piece of yourself into everything you do? Or are you not delving into those talents or creative abilities because all your friends aren’t or its just not the norm? If you don’t let your personality “breathe” now, when will you?

Image c/o Muhammad-taha Ibrahim via Pexels.

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