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By Shelly M. – Editor In Chief,

April 21, 2023

In our themed advertising campaign, Fridays are dedicated to inspiration – us sharing with the community things that inspire us or keep us going. As the very first Friday post of this campaign, I will go first! For me, Fridays are days of hard work followed by decompression. Earlier in life, decompression always seemed to mean going out somewhere – whether it be a party or movie – just anything involving people and good times. Amusingly, as I have grown older, decompression means sitting by myself and doing something I love – painting, drawing, binge-watching my favorite series. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for other people – on Saturdays, I go hiking sometimes, and I’m beyond happy to go to a party or other gathering, and on Sundays, I go to church in the mornings.

I actually really like this way of setting up my week. Although I do take smaller portions of time for myself throughout the week, coming home on Friday evening and knowing that I have two more days of freedom makes my “me” time on Fridays extra special. I can stay up as late as I want with no string attached. No fear of having to prepare for the work week on Sunday evening.

Saturdays are days of rest for me because my mind is able to be at rest – all of the work that involves “striving” of some sort I left in the work week. I can exercise the right side of my brain, laugh with people, and meet new people in ways that I maybe couldn’t during the work week. I often describe myself as an introvert, but I can definitely attest to the fact that we need other people in our lives.

Sundays are the cap of my week – the starting point of the new week. Beginning with church is so important to me because I am able to focus on what is most important – my relationship with God and how I treat other people in this world to point them back to a God who loves them and wants for them to have a relationship with him. In church, I learn new things about myself, how to navigate this world in victory, and how to discover God’s purpose for me. I cherish the relationships I have in church because we are all on the same journey, and we can lift each other up and make sure that we are all headed in the best direction.

Life and work can be hectic and sometimes messy. However, I always have three things that I keep in mind. First, I take care of my relationship with God – I believe God holds my purpose, and only by knowing Him can I really be my most authentic self. Plus, when I have the Creator at my helm, there is nothing to fear. Second, my mind can sometimes be my worst enemy. Unless I have to do it, spending too much time alone can lead to doubt, self-defeat, and self-delusion. Finding community with others who are headed in the direction I want to go often keeps me level-headed.

I hope you enjoyed this Friday bit of inspiration. If you have an inspiring thought about anything that keeps you going and would like to share, please check out the Friday tab on our Ads with Hairnastics page and hit “Sign up.” Happy Friday!

A photo from when I went walking on a trail one weekend. Can you tell what time of year it was :)?

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