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Hair Character

Yesterday, we had character mountain, which of course is made up of habits. Character is nothing more than a collection of our habits!

This is also true for your hair’s character. What are your hair habits? Is your hair chronically dry? Chronically oily? Full of split ends? Etc, etc? Healthy habits – sufficient moisture, edge control, edge protection, managing split ends – and developing a routine for these tasks – will help you find the road to happy and healthy hair.





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*Expertly* Hairnastic Styles for Fall

Depending on where you live, the signs of fall are all around. Leaves are beginning to fall and the wind is crisp.

This is the season of sleepy coffee shops, pumpkin patches, baking, and earth tones.


It also reminds us of the messy hair bun.  Its one of those hairstyles that has no rules and is open to interpretation (a.k.a, there really is no right way to put one of these together). The “messy” bun can be typically “messy,” or very clean-looking. You make up the rules here!


For hairstyles that are not “up,” wavy bob-cuts are also reminiscent of fall because of their high-fashion, yet care-free appeal.

Fall gives “artsy” vibes, particularly hairstyles with understated, yet very obvious innovative attributes – a much-desired creative quality.

An “expertly Hairnastic” fall hairstyle is one that is carefree, yet complex in its presentation. Its taking a familiar hairstyle and adding a new twist that makes onlookers say, “Hmm, I love it! I would never have thought to do that!”


Hairnastics is all about confidence in bold, edgy hairstyles. How are you giving new twists to familiar styles? Let us know in the comments below!

Tote Bags, Autumn Red And Green Leaf Style Weekender Bag – Hairnastics



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Hair On-the-Go

No matter what your go-to hairstyle is for a day of work, chances are you want to look good. You especially want to make a good first impression on a new client, a classroom full of your students, or even your coworkers. You probably also want to settle on a great hairstyle FAST, because on Monday morning, there are dragons to slay, and let’s face it – you’ve got to look fabulous and be on time! In this short article (ahem, we know you’ve only got so much time to read), we share a few on-the-go hairstyles that are meant to help you out (yes – the door) on a busy morning.







Do you have any expert morning hair routines? Let us know in the comments below!


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Are you a Hairnastics Enthusiast?

Greetings again friends! Last week we blogged about what “Hairnastics” means to you, the reader. We also gave a survey to see what goes through your mind when you hear the term “hairnastic.”

If you haven’t already, take the Hairnastics survey!

We hope that you’ve seen that there is no one definition for “Hairnastic” – rather, “Hairnastic” is an attitude. Its confidence in your choice of style with, admittedly, a dash of daring or edge. So we leave you with the question: Are you Hairnastic? If so, what about your style do you think makes you so? Let us know in the comments below!



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