The Best Ways to Wear Bangs

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By Anne Taylor

Published on December 19, 2022

Bangs are a popular hairstyle that involves cutting the front section of hair so that it falls over the forehead. This style has been worn for centuries and it continues to be a trendy and fashionable look today. Bangs can be worn in a variety of lengths and styles, and they can be a great way to frame the face and add a touch of personality to your hairstyle. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or just want to try something new, bangs are a fun way to change up your look. 

There are many different ways to wear bangs, and the best way to wear them will depend on your personal style and the shape of your face. Before getting bangs, you may want to determine your face shape so you can find a style that compliments you the most. 

The most common face shapes are oval, round, square, triangle, and diamond. An oval face shape is well-proportioned and can accommodate a variety of hairstyles. A round face shape is characterized by full cheeks and a round chin, while a square face shape has a strong, angular jawline. A triangle face shape typically features high cheekbones and a narrow jaw. Finally, a diamond face shape is defined by a narrow forehead and jawline, with wider cheekbones.

While you’re free to try whatever hairstyles you like regardless of your face shape (you do you!), knowing how to take advantage of your features can help you pick a hairstyle that makes you feel more confident than ever. 

So, which styles of bangs will work best with your face shape? Many styles work with several face shapes, so here are some of the most popular ways to wear bangs and who will look best with these looks. 

1. Blunt Bangs

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Blunt bangs are probably what you think of first when you think about bangs. This style involves bangs that are cut straight across the forehead and often styled so that they lay flat against the skin. 

Blunt bangs can look good on a variety of face shapes, but they tend to work best on oval, oblong, or other long face shapes. If you have a long face, blunt bangs can help to add some width to the forehead, which can help to balance out the rest of your facial features. 

2. Sideswept Bangs

Photo by Ali Pazani on Pexels

Sideswept bangs are a type of bangs that are swept to the side rather than worn straight across the forehead. They are a versatile style that can work well on a variety of face shapes, and they can be worn with both long and short hairstyles.

Sideswept bangs look good on round and square-shaped faces because they help to elongate the face and create the illusion of a more oval shape. Round and square-shaped faces are wider at the cheeks and forehead, so sideswept bangs can help to balance out these features and give the face a more balanced appearance. These bangs also have a softer, more romantic look than straight-across bangs, which can help to soften the angles of a square face shape and make it appear more feminine (if that’s what you want). 

3. Curtain Bangs

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Curtain bangs are a type of bangs that are parted in the middle and fall to either side of the face like curtains. They are a popular choice for people who want to try out bangs but aren’t ready to commit to a blunt cut. 

Depending on how they are cut and styled, curtain bangs can look good on anyone, regardless of your face shape. However, they are an excellent choice if you have a heart-shaped face. Curtain bangs can look good on these faces because they help to balance out the proportions of the face. Heart-shaped faces are defined by a narrow chin and a wide forehead, so curtain bangs can help to add some width to the chin area and create the illusion of a more oval face shape. 

4. Wispy Bangs

Photo by Streetwindy on Pexels

Wispy bangs are a type of hairstyle where the bangs are cut in a way that creates a soft, wispy look. This is often achieved by cutting the bangs at an angle, using thinning shears, or by layering the hair to create a feathered effect. 

Wispy bangs can work well with a variety of face shapes, but they tend to look especially good on people with round or oval-shaped faces. This is because wispy bangs can help to elongate the face and add definition to the forehead, which can help to balance out the fullness of a round or oval face. Additionally, wispy bangs can help to soften the features of a round or oval face, making them a good choice for people who want to add a feminine, romantic touch to their appearance.

5. Micro Bangs

Photo by Paige Thompson on Pexels

Micro bangs, also known as baby bangs or micro fringe, involve the bangs being cut very short above the eyebrows. Micro bangs are a bold and modern take on the traditional bangs hairstyle and can add a unique and edgy touch to a variety of different hair lengths and styles. 

Micro bangs can be a good choice for people with oval faces or short foreheads because they can help to balance out the proportions of the face. Oval faces are considered to be well-proportioned and symmetrical, but they can sometimes appear long and narrow. Micro bangs can help to add width to the forehead and break up the length of the face, creating a more balanced and harmonious appearance. Micro bangs can also help to add visual interest and draw the eye upwards, making the forehead appear longer and more proportionate for those who may be self-conscious of shorter foreheads. 

Whether you prefer the soft, romantic look of wispy bangs or the bold, modern aesthetic of micro bangs, there is a bangs style out there to suit every face shape and personal style. No matter your face shape or personal style, the most important part of picking a bangs style is to find one that you love and feel confident with. With the right care and attention, bangs can be a fun and fashionable addition to any hair routine.

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Anne Taylor is a freelance writer who is currently based in Washington State but spends as much time as possible traveling the world and working remotely. She is open to writing about pretty much anything, but she has a special love for pieces on health, beauty, fitness, and travel. You can see more of her work on her website at

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