What to Do When Your Hair Sets Off Alarms

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By Shelly M.

Published October 14, 2022

Hairnastics is a community for people who love bold, edgy hairstyles. Hairnastics was founded in 2020, by Shelly, a young lady who has experienced the trials and tribulations of trying to give her natural hair the room it needed to flourish, of trying to fit into arenas where her hair (in both its natural and styled states) was always seen as “other” or “extra,” and finally of accepting that she loved unique, bold, edgy hairstyles, and would risk being the “different” young lady in the room in order to be her most authentic self.

Hairnastics was started to give other people a place to show off their true, authentic style through hair care. Its no coincidence that the name “Hairnastics” is a play on the words “gymnastics” and “hair.” Gymnastics requires gymnasts to stretch their movement capability beyond the norm into beautiful, strong, elegant, and fierce poses that together create powerful performances. In a similar light, Hairnastics is about pushing the limits of hair creativity to create bold, edgy, personal, unique hairstyles that are a true reflection of the person wearing them. Hence, it should be no mystery why every participant in the Hairnastics community is fittingly called a “Hairnast.”

A by-product of being identified as a “Hairnast” is the ability to share hair style ideas with other Hairnasts in the community. Are you just wanting to stop by and check out great hairstyles? Or are you an entrepreneur who would like to contribute to the community by sharing your original hair care products? For the casual viewer, the business member, and everything in between, there is a place in our community for you.

By being part of the Hairnastics community, you’re saying that you value creativity, uniqueness, and character in your hairstyles. It really is that simple. If these values describe you, we love your energy already, and we can’t wait to see your designs and ideas!

Hairnastics is a movement, and we hope you join this movement to show that hair – short, long, light, dark, bald, and everything that describes *you* is not to be ignored. Instead, it is to be treated as a vibrant color on the pallet used in the painting of your life!

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