Expertly Playing Up Your Natural Features (Part 2)

Expertly Playing Up Your Natural Features (Part 2)

Earlier, we talked about being proud and taking ownership of the natural features that make each of us different. We did this because embracing yourself is the first step to true beauty fulfillment! So let’s say that we’ve mastered that. This article has to do with playing up natural features – not just ones that make you unique, but also those that are just characteristic of you, period.

Have high cheekbones? Perhaps try a bold blush game. Are you a fiery red head? Besides being the envy of everyone around you, pair it up with red lipstick! Do you have thick type 4c hair? Please don’t try to hide it! Enjoy the small gallery of played-up natural features and be inspired. Also, if there are ways that you have played up your natural features, let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Julissa Capdevilla on Unsplash


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