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What Makes a Good Hair Cut?

Here at Hairnastics, we believe a good haircut is a style that is uniquely you and that you feel comfortable wearing. When you are comfortable, chances are you’ll be more confident, and let’s face it — confidence is beautiful. Confidence is handsome. So how can we get there if we’re not there already? What are some best practices?

Importance of face and head shape.

One of the things I’ve found is that haircuts are very technical endeavors. They should not be embarked upon haphazardly. Much like choosing the perfect pair of glasses to fit your face shape, haircuts must be chosen carefully to frame the face. We found interesting tips for choosing hair cuts at, which breaks down their recommendations on various haircuts for various face shapes.

Personal comfort.

Do you like the haircut? What is your first reaction to a certain haircut? Is it good or bad? Do you have your reservations about it? These reactions can give insight to how comfortable you’d be sporting the haircut, and remember, comfort and confidence go hand in hand!

Understand how a style may look on you as opposed to a picture.

We all make this mistake: we see someone else sporting a great outfit, or yes, a great haircut, and we go out and get it ourselves…. only to be disappointed in the end! We say, “Well I certainly don’t look like the supermodel I saw wearing this, something is off!” Yaaassss! For reasons that include differing face and head shapes, as well as personal comfort (maybe you admire a hairstyle, but wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it for a variety of reasons), the haircut on your friend or the supermodel on the cover of that magazine may not fall the same way that it does with them. The goal should be to find hairstyles that work for you – understanding your own affinities and comfort levels for hairstyles, and, in our opinion, marrying the two worlds.

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