What Does “Hairnastics” Mean Anyway?

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Hair is a covering. Hair is a canvas. Hair should be uniquely you, and you should be comfortable in your choice of style, whether it involves a full head of hair, or none at all! It is also doing hair “gymnastics” with your hair, and causing people to say, “Wow, I’d never think to do that with my hair!” Then again, it is basking in the simplicity of a natural, un-styled hair-do.

The common thread among all “Hairnastic” hairstyles is a love of good-looking hairstyles and confidence in how they are worn. To be “Hairnastic” is to be bold. So now, when you see someone confidently sporting a new ‘do without a care in the world, you can compliment them by saying, “That hairstyle is Hairnastic!”

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