Community Standards by R. Ancillary, LLC allows you to connect with others around bold, edgy hair concepts. It is a creative platform that is meant to inspire, promote the building of communities around hair care, and grow hair care-related businesses. We strive to make the experience a welcoming one for all of our visitors. Our goals as a site are best realized when all users adhere to a common set of standards for conduct on the website. As such, here are our community standards:

  1. Hair care for hair from the scalp – only. This site is meant solely for the sharing of styles, products, and services related to hair that grows from the scalp on the head (i.e., hair that grows above the shoulders). As an exception, facial eyebrows, facial beards, facial mustaches, and ear hair are allowed. Besides hair on the scalp and the four areas listed as the exception, any sharing or promotion of hair styles, products, services, or images from any other part of the body is expressly prohibited. Additionally, users are encouraged to report any violation of this community standard promptly.
  2. Nudity of any kind is prohibited on This includes barely-there swimwear and lingerie.
  3. Respect the intellectual property (IP) of others – whether the IP is from users on or not. is for the promotion of authentic content. Therefore, anything that you post must be your own – or you must have the right to post it.
  4. Spamming others is prohibited. Without prior consent, users must not excessively contact others in the community for the sole purpose of selling any product, or promoting any business or cause.
  5. Comments and reviews must be genuine. They must be real (from a human being and not a bot), truthful, and they must not mislead others.
  6. Your information must be accurate. Whether you use your real name or not on is optional, however, the information you provide must be accurate, up-to-date, and you must not impersonate others.
  7. Promoting or offering sexual services, the sale or firearms, alcohol, tobacco, or non-medical drugs is prohibited. Content that promotes the use of non-medical drugs is also prohibited.
  8. There shall be no sale of live animals between private site users.
  9. Coordinating to poach or sell endangered species is prohibited.
  10. It is against Hairnastics Community Standards to promote violence or any other harm against any person or group. Support or praise of terrorism, crime, or hate groups is not permitted on
  11. Harassment of any kind is prohibited.

These community standards exist for the mutual benefit of the user and the community. It takes everyone’s participation to make this site the creative – and welcoming – community it is intended to be. If in the course of use you see something that violates these community standards, please let us know at Thanks in advance for your role in making Hairnastics great for everyone!

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