Rules for Re-Posting on offers the opportunity for people who love hairstyling to post articles about hair-related topics of their choice for the readership of Hairnastics. Interested authors should email their pieces to with the title “[REQUEST FOR POSTING]” followed by your name (first and last) and your company name (if any). As such, please read the following rules that are specific to authors wishing to post on

  1. Hairnastics is only offering the opportunity for you to re-post your OWN material (i.e. you have the copyright to re-post) that you have already published somewhere else. Within your article, you must link to your original website where the original posting is.
  2. All requested articles must follow the Hairnastics Community Standards, and any that are in violation or fall out of the scope of will not be posted.
  3. Articles must not use excessive profanity or contain vulgarity. Although the minimum age of use for Hairnastics is 16, Hairnastics strives to be a family-friendly place where you can come and be inspired by great hairstyles, tips, and products. At our sole discretion, any articles found in violation of this rule will not be posted.
  4. Your article must be formatted as follows (from top to bottom on the page in the following order):

(a) Title.

(b) Your name as the author.

(c) The text “This is a re-post from [name your website here].”

(d) The content you would like to post. This must include a bibliography or references cited.

(e) The line “if you would like to know more or view the original article, please visit us at [link to your webpage],” where the text “link to your webpage” must be replaced by a link to your webpage where the original article is posted.

We hope that this information was helpful, and we look forward to re-posting any content that you wish to submit. Until then, go forth into the world and create something beautiful!

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