Hairnastics Blurb Contest!

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Hairnastics is looking to increase foot traffic to our website, and is seeking four individuals to each write a short blurb for the prompt: “What does a great hair day look like for you?” These short blurbs will be featured on the homepage for a limited amount of time (not to exceed one month), and an article may be written about the selected collection of blurbs at a later date.

Expectations: Blurbs are expected to be short, 100 words or less, describing your own experience with your hair. They must be free from profanity and adhere to the Hairnastics Community Standards.

Selection Process: Submit your intended blurb on this submission page.
Four posts will be chosen with discretion based on their writing style (e.g. ability to engage readers), adherence to the Hairnastics Community Standards, and how well the piece fits the general spirit of the Hairnastics website.

Ownership: You own your blurb, and you will sign a waiver giving us the ability to use your blurb, if chosen, for the purposes listed above. Your blurb submission is for our screening process only, and if not chosen, we will not use your blurb. The information you submit will only be used for this contest, unless you subscribe to our mailing list – in which case, your provided information will be used for the purpose of subscription.

Compensation: Compensation to each chosen writer is a one-time payment of $25.00.

Blurbs should be expected to be posted within a week after the contest closes.

Qualifications: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, and a love for great hair styles!



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