Black Hair Care

Hair comes in many different textures that are as different and beautiful as all of the people who make up the human race. Because of the prevalence of certain standards of beauty, several hair types are often misunderstood by both those who possess them and the world at large. In this section, we focus on the “3A – 4C” hair types – that is curly, kinky hair, and trends in this special group of hair types.


How do I know what type of hair I have, or what to do with it?

While it is always advised to consult a natural hair care stylist for how to manage your individual hair texture, we have pulled together some resources from around the web that may offer direction in either continuing, or getting started on your black hair care journey. These articles offer insight into the various hair textures (can you identify which hair texture you have?) as well as various treatment tips and products.


The Hair Chart: How to Decode Straight, Wavy and Natural Hair Classifications” by Eunice Lucero of All Things Hair.


Everything You Need to Take Care of 4C Hair” by Tembe Denton-Hurst of The Strategist


4C Natural With Long Hair Shares How to Grow 4C Hair” by Ariane of Black Natural and Proud Sistas


Ok, great! I’ve heard of deep conditioning and the importance of minimizing breakage. Where do I start?

When it comes to steps to take for hair care, there are common themes for maintaining healthy hair. There are also considerations every individual must take into account when caring for their own hair.


“Black Hair Care Tips for Washing, Styling, and More” – Medical News Today


African American Hair: Tips for Everyday Care” – American Academy of Dermatology Association



Of Interest to the Hair Community

Story from USA Today

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