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  • From Chicken+Kale to Mango+Kale. Who Knew?!

    From Chicken+Kale to Mango+Kale. Who Knew?!

    Always get great reads: Last week’s Monday Healthy recipe of the Themed Advertising Campaign featured a chicken and kale rice bowl. This week we go from savory to hopefully-not-too-sweet, and from chewy goodness to smooth. You guessed it. At the back end of summer, we bring out the one beverage that might actually change your… Read more

  • Chicken+Kale for Healthier Strands

    Chicken+Kale for Healthier Strands

    Always get great reads: Ok, so its not Monday, the recipe day of our Themed Campaign. Alas, its Tuesday. However, its never too late to consider yet another recipe for healthier hair! Want thicker hair? Try lean poultry. Want to up your folate intake for stronger hair (in addition to Vitamin A, vitamin C, iron,… Read more

  • Four Reasons Why a Face-Framing Haircut is For YOU

    Four Reasons Why a Face-Framing Haircut is For YOU

    By Shelly M. September 12, 2023 Welcome to Tuesday of the Themed Advertising Campaign. Let’s face it – most hairstyles today are simply … predictable. Unless you’ve taken up permanent residence on Project Runway, most of your neighbors and friends’ hairstyles consist of ponytails, slight bangs that lack any dramatic appeal, and the general sense… Read more

  • Hook, Story, Offer: Reaching Audiences

    Hook, Story, Offer: Reaching Audiences

    By Shelly M. September 9, 2023 Random non-hair-related Saturday musing … I had the privilege of watching a marketing expert named Russell Brunson talk about the concept that he came up with called “hook, story, offer,” and I just had to talk to you about it. I am only *guessing* that within this readership, there… Read more

  • Its Called a “Power Salad” for a Reason.

    Its Called a “Power Salad” for a Reason.

    Always get great reads: Lean poultry helps to thicken your hair, while folate-rich greens such as spinach help to strengthen [Jaliman, 2023]! This week’s healthy recipe, titled “Chopped Power Salad with Chicken” features baby spinach, cooked chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers and more. Just drafting this post up makes us hungry. Check out the recipe and see… Read more

  • This Week’s Giveaway!

    This Week’s Giveaway!

    We would like to crown the Hairnastics Hairstyle of the Week. Do you have a hair style that is particularly bold and edgy? Submit it to this contest for the chance to win a $25 ULTA Beauty gift card! Requirements: After completing the form, submit a link to your Facebook or Instagram post with your… Read more

What Are People Saying About the Importance of Hair and Style?

Here, we ping ChatGPT to see what people are saying around the internet.

“Overall, many concerns about hair tie into self-image and confidence. Hair is often seen as a reflection of one’s identity, and any issues with hair can influence how a person feels about themselves.”

“People often worry about the health and overall condition of their hair. Factors such as dryness, brittleness, split ends, and lack of shine can all contribute to these concerns. Excessive heat styling, chemical treatments, and harsh hair care products can cause damage over time.”

Answers provided by GPT-3.5.

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Its always a daring move to show up in life as yourself – to share your heart, your style, or anything else that is important to you. Bold and edgy hairstyles are those that are authentic expressions of your style – be they simple, subtle statements, or loud, complex designs. Hairnastics cares because bringing this touch of personal style to your life and environment helps to elevate the mood for everyone – and it inspires the most timid of people to dare to take up the space they exist in.

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Musings from around the internet, powered by ChatGPT in response to the question “What are people’s greatest concerns about their hair?”

“Hair plays a significant role in cultural identity and personal expression. People might worry about conforming to societal norms or cultural expectations related to hair.”

“Environmental factors like pollution, sun exposure, humidity, and extreme weather conditions can all impact the health and appearance of hair.”