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You may have come across some of our social media campaigns featuring “#FOMO > #FOSO.” Here is the explanation.

#FOMO means “fear of missing out,” and in this context it is #FOMO on sharing your awesome stylistic choices with the world… Innovation in hairstyles, and particularly how to incorporate runway-worthy ideas into everyday styles is our goal, so in this context, you should definitely be afraid of missing out on the opportunity to share your hairstyles and ideas with the world!

#FOSO stands for “fear of standing out.”

If you are truly being yourself and not a copycat, attention and standing out are probably inevitable. For us, the benefits of being original are far greater than the comfort of being just like everyone else. Hence, #FOMO > #FOSO.

That is the entirety of this #campaign. Please follow us over the next couple of days to learn more about this campaign!

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